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NW Nanoleaf stickyback

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The Nanoleaf Germicidal air cleaner decal incorporates nanotechnology which emits super-charged, bacteria and virus fighting oxygen to clean the air of harmful pathogens.

  • Decal infused with the anti-germ coating, Tio2
  • Light activated
  • Long-lasting benefits
  • Sticky, peel-back
  • Sold individually
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Change the way you breathe.

Titanium Dioxide has been known to have antimicrobial properties when activated by light. By actively reconfiguring the molecular structure of oxygen, Titanium Dioxide emits super-charged oxygen that has the ability to fight bacteria and viruses that are suspended in the air.

Nanoleaf passively clears the air by exchanging electrons with air and water vapour to create super oxygen; charged particles which attack passing airborne pathogens, fungal spores and pollutants.

It contains a delicate surface nano-coating which while safe to touch could be wiped or rubbed off. Handle only via the edges.

The nano-coating is photo-catalytic and activated by ambient light so the best location for these sticky, peel-back is close to a light source in an airstream to actively disperse the super-charged oxygen around any professional space including an office, medical centre, aged care or health care facility to clean the air of harmful pathogens.

It does not need charging or cleaning (it self-cleans) and provides continuous protection for at least 5 years.

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