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Why you need desk screens and partitions in your new workplace

Physical distancing might help to stop disease spread, but it’s not great for the collaboration and communication that drives the modern workplace. 

Most diseases are likely spread through close contactso its’ always best to maintain the 1.5-metres distance.  However, where physical or social distancing isn’t a viable option, desk dividers and office partitions – along with frequent handwashing and mask-wearing – can help form part of a sensible strategy to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. 

Here’s why you need desk screens and office partitions in your workplace: 

Desk dividers provide a physical barrier 

Desk dividers act as a physical barrier to prevent germs, bacteria and viruses from spreading. Coughing and sneezing and even just speaking has been proven to release thousands of potentially infectious particles into the air.  

Acrylic screens and guards, let you take control of the risk of infection in the workplace and provide your staff and clients with a safe working environment 

Acrylic screens and guards that don't compromise communication and collaboration 

At New Workplace, our acrylic screens and guards are manufactured using commercial quality clear acrylic that lets you maintain eye-contact and effective communication and collaboration while you’re at it. 

Desk screens, like New Workplace’s 4-Way Acrylic Desk Dividers allow you to hold team meetings as usual but with reduced concerns of transmission. 

Since hotdesking is no longer a sensible work environment, desk partitions like desktop acrylic screenscan simply sit on top of a desk to provide an effective and efficient physical barrier, whilst safely maintaining the same level of communication between staff. 

When communicating directly with customers, acrylic screens like the Lookout Sneezeguards are designed for face-to-face interaction. Soyou can limit physical contactwithout interfering with the general operation of your business. 


Desk partitions are easy to install and clean 

Times have changed. Our range of acrylic screens and guards were designed for quick and easy installation – without the assistance of a professional installer.  

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent infection control barrier, New Workplace’s extensive range of office screens require little or no assembly and can simply sit on top of, or attach to your desk or existing desk partitions. 

Because desk dividers are made of 100% non-porous acrylic, our desk screens and partitions are easy to clean and maintain. 


Office partitions can allow for greater privacy 

Desk dividers and office partitions aid in transforming open-plan office spaces into individual rooms, and shared desks into private cubicles and workstations for staffThis not only acts as a physical barrier to control the spread of germs, but also offers additional privacy 

Floor mounted office partitions, like the E-Screen, can help separate high-traffic areas and create work pods for staff where it simply isn’t possible to maintain a safe social distance, or staff simply require their own space.  


Providing a safe and healthy work environment for staff and patrons should always be your priority. 

Contact our team of industry experts for a personalised quote on office partitions and desk dividers, tailored to the needs of your workplace. We can custom make products and even install or fully fit-out any office space and have agents available around Australia. 

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