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Who is New Workplace?

The modern workplace has changed drasticallyRecent reports have shown that since employees were initially asked to work from home, they are experiencing increased anxiety about the health and safety of their work environmentsWe’re here to help you navigate the future with thorough, well-researched information, practical products, solutions and training which address today’s concerns. 

We favour science over myth, we favour peer-reviewed academics over social media pundits, and we favour evidence-based results over supposition. Many of our solutions are new and innovative and have not been seen before in Australasia; some are based on old wisdom; some are based on new technologies.  

New Workplace Ezifold acrylic screens and desk dividers

We don’t know what your new workplace will look like, but we do know that you need to be thinking proactively about workplace design and layout and new and innovative workplace hygiene equipment which will help you accommodate for these unprecedented times. This will form part of a practical solution to encourage physical distancing and maintain the health and safety of your new workplace. 

New Workplace is a new company to tackle the new normal, but we are experienced hands. We come from a background spanning over 30 years in each of our three main sectors: workplace and corporate ergonomics, education and allied health disciplines. We offer advice, structure and product solutions to help you to pilot your own path in these uncharted waters. 

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