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How to Build Your New Workplace; Working Around the New Normal

What does your new workplace look like? Perhaps your office is a lot smaller than before, or your colleagues have been replaced with hand sanitisation stations Regardless of the changes made to your office, your workplace probably doesn’t look how it used to.  

Businesses in every industry are facing pressure to build a safe and healthy work environment. Our team of industry experts are here to help guide you on your journey to sensibly building your new workplace. 

Entry Hygiene Equipment and Screening 

The most effective infection control aid is one that prevents diseases from entering the workplace in the first place. Office hygiene supplies that operate at the entry of your workplace stop infections at the most crucial points – on the hands, and before they enter. 

Having a contact-free entry screening policy will help you control the transmission of diseases in your workplace. 

Hand sanitisation stations at the entry and exit points of your workplace prevent germs and bacteria from being carried into your building. Requesting that all patrons sanitise their hands, followed with a fever screening using a handheld, infrared thermometer all forms part of an effective entry screening process. 

With restrictions on how many people can enter your premise at one time, you need to be vigilant with monitoring room capacity. Hygiene equipment and infection control tools like the TallyPal makes it quick and easy to keep track of the number of participants entering and exiting your building. 


Physical distancing in your New Workplace

Where possible, people must maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres in all places of work. This can be challenging in some offices or workplaces that simply don’t have the space to allow for thisScreens and guards, including sneezeguards and protective screens, offer the perfect solution to this problem.  

Replacing desks (particularly hotdesks) with smaller, private cubicles like the ISO Study Carrels, provide a semi-enclosed space that prevents the spread of germs between colleagues. If replacing the furniture isn’t in the budget, then investing in desk screens and guards can help form part of a sensible strategy physical distancing strategy.  

By sitting on top of your existing desks, these screens and partitions is a must-have office hygiene supply that allows for an effective and efficient physical barrier, without interfering with your peripheral vision. 


Maintaining Personal Hygiene in your New Workplace 

Maintaining personal hygiene is the most important step in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. Cleaning and hygiene equipmenhelps ensure staff and patrons are maintaining adequate personal hygiene practices including hand sanitisation stations and masks

The World Health Organisation advises individuals to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth as these are the most vulnerable parts of your face that harmful pathogens commonly enter. Placing hand sanitiser mounts on office desks, reception desks and administration desks encourages frequent hand washing to kill any diseases existing on your hands 

Staff can continue to suppress the transmission of harmful airborne pathogens by wearing face masks. Face masks made from silver ion nanotechnology, embedded into the fabric are ideal office hygiene supplies as they self-clean and are safe to handle between washes. 


Workplace Hygiene Signs and Posters 

It’s important that staff and patrons are aware of the health and hygiene policies you have in your new workplace. These policy signs can be displayed on stands, on the wall or on the floor to encourage physical distancing and personal hygiene practices. 


Invest in Frequent Cleaning and Hygiene  Equipment 

Cleaning your workplace frequently and thoroughly is key in killing any harmful pathogens that are lingering or spreading in your work environment.  

Cleaning and hygiene equipment that functions as a deep cleaner, including the backpack fogger and steriliser can help you maintain a clean and safe working environment.  

Some office hygiene supplies actively clean the air whilst you work. The New Workplace Breathe Easy is a desktop air purifier with built-in HEPA filter. Or, using nanotechnologythe New Workplace Nanoleaf emits super-charged, bacteria and virus-fighting oxygen to clean the air of harmful pathogens.  


If your New Workplace is at home... 

For someyour new workplace may be your home.  

However, out of sight, does not mean out of mind. You’re still responsible for the safety of your staff who are working from home. If you’re working in a home environment that exposes you to ergonomic hazards, your employer is in breach of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS). 

Providing staff with a practical and ergonomic work environmentwill not only protect them but also ensure they continue working efficiently and productively from home. 


Your priority is a safe and healthy work environment. It’s ours too, that’s why New Workplace has put together an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene equipment designed to make building your new workplace simple. 

So, prepare for your new workplace by contacting one of our specialists today about custom hygiene equipment tailored to your workplace. 


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